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Good News For Chandrayaan 2 - Live Update News For Chandrayaan 2 And breaking news

Tuesday 20 August 2019
Good News For Chandrayaan 2 - Live Update News For Chandrayaan 2 And breaking news coming in a massive achievement of the Chandrayaan 2 India's mission to the moon at successfully enter the Moon's Orbit its Step Closer to landing on the lower surface remember us after nearly 30 days of journey and space in a significant Maestro for India's moon Mission ISRO will now fire Chandrayaan 2 liquid engine today to insert the spacecraft to lunar Orbit following this there will be for the four between us to make a spacecraft entered into its final Orbit passing over the lunar poles at a distance of hundred kilometres from the Moon's surface very crucial massive achievement of Chandrayaan 2 India's mission to the moon that has successfully entered the Moon's orbit and is now a Step Closer to landing on the lower surface let's go across to Executive editor Abhishek Kapoor joining as on the 49 Abhishek Wharton achievement after 30 days of journey in space in a significant milestone for India's moon Mission ISRO will now fire is liquid Indian to insert the spacecraft in to Luna opponent has already been in 2022

Chandrayaan 2 live update news
Chandrayaan 2 live update news

Chandrayaan 2 Official News update :

This afternoon image of milestone for India's moon mission Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft successfully and the unit of the morning the duration of the man who was 1738 seconds taking from 2 minutes past 9:00 this morning is repeater saying the duration of the maneuvers 1738 seconds with Chandrayan to was inserted into the following this series of orbit maneuvers of the performed on Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft to enable is to insert final over passing over the unit of force at a distance of about 100 kilometres to moon surface subsequent will separate from the other angle enter into 30 September exercise instruction manual find out at 9 o'clock for about 30 minutes lunar Orbit insertion today land of examples of land on the moon the seventh of the next month is reduced other precisely at 1:55 a.m. the Lander will land on the moon 10 minutes later the Solar Panel power will be deployed at 50 minutes

Chandrayaan 2 Live
Span across a major milestone today after successfully enter the Moon's Orbit it now want to take for more than you was to reach the final defined of the spacecraft to be hundred kilometres from the surface is India's second mission to the moon but it is the most challenging machines that ISRO has ever undertaken it will be for the very first time that the space agency with attend a soft landing on the moon of feet achieved by only three Nations before us China and Russia the next major events that now the on September 2nd the London Vikram with separate from the auditor and prepare for a partition on the Moon India plans to land near the South Pole of the Moon a place that has not been explored by any other country ever fall treatment is a Indian significance as it has fast creators of ice it is also very crucial for future space missions that 19 degrees the photos of London even if it is likely not be a successful and write 15 minutes of landing are going to meet that everything has to go according to the plan recharge plans should be relatively plane for the Lander woltop Vikram Prateek images of the surface before the final TouchDown and compare with those looted by ISRO on its not even if the two images match will proceed for the landing as planned landed on the moon on September 7.  the beginning of the lunar day the states how to solve the space missions launch sofa the success rate for soft landing on the moon has only been 37% is confident that will pull through and so happy children day tunes

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