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શાળાઓમાં લગાવી શકાય તેવા પ્રિન્ટેબલ પોસ્ટર | covid-19 printable posters for school

Sunday 21 November 2021
COVID-19 Teacher | Gujarat @

Daily Official Press Note from Gujarat Health Department
Case of District-wise Corona in Gujarat
Official statistics of Corona World, India and Gujarat
Important government decisions
Important instructions to the public

 Gujarat Government Official Website Update on Corona

Open the link below to read the details pdf ...

COVID-19 Printable Poster PDF for Schools | download covid-19 school safety poster in gujarati

After the Kovid-19 epidemic, all the schools in the state are going to reopen. Keeping in mind the children at the school level, the SOP has also been announced by the state government and the education department. Under this, instructions have been given to maintain social distance in all schools and take action according to all the instructions.

 covid-19 poster ideas
 Here is a PDF file of COVID 19 Awareness Poster useful for all primary and secondary schools. It can be downloaded, printed and used in school. All schools must print these posters and place them on school walls and in classrooms where students can see.

Covid-19 Poster PDF for Schools. Regarding participation of teachers in teleconference regarding compliance of SOP announced by the government regarding starting of class. It has been decided to start academic work in relation to the said subject from Mr. 6 to 8. After the Kovid period, students will be able to get such education in school. here: Exam Notification, Exam Date, Exam Fees, Syllabus, Online Application Process, Exam Preparation Tips, Exam Study Material (General Knowledge-GK, Current Affairs , Gujarati and English Grammar, Mathematical Reasoning so Daily visit my site is All in one Education information website, like primary Education paripatra & GR, std 1 to 8 all material, textbook, adhyayan nishpattio, Teachers Edition, Timetable, sce patrako, xamtao, pragna material all information so Daily visit This Site for More Updates

સ્કૂલમાં લગાવી શકાય તેવા પોસ્ટર ડાઉનલોડ કરો

● Posters File-1 : Download

● Posters File-2 : Download

● Posters File-3 : Download

● Posters File-4 : Download

{COVID-19} CORONA Daily Letest updates | World, India State wise Daily cases and Highlight

Download Day to Day Official press note for Corona virus by Government

COVID-19 is a free application developed in collaboration between the Advanced International Joint Stock Company (AIC Group) and the Electronic Health Administration - Ministry of Health, Vietnam. It provides the ultimate guide to preventing and fighting respiratory illnesses caused by a new strain of the coronavirus (officially named COVID-19).

- Virtual Medical Assistant (chatbot): interacts face-to-face with users by human voice, works in real time and answers questions about COVID-19 on the spot;
- Board-Certified Specialist Consultations: Allow people to interact with a group of experts from the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases by chat, audio/video calls for medical advice.
- Interaction between government and citizens: Users can send comments, requests, support and travel or health announcements. Users can also get the latest advice and notices from the government, WHO, CDC, NHC, Johns Hopkins University and other medical institutions.
- COVID-19 Live Updates: Shows live statistics and rolling updates from the coronavirus disease in Vietnam and the world. Number of cases per day, per week, per month, confirmed cases, increased number, etc. are analyzed and analyzed continuously with data analysts working 24/7 with maps, graphics, comparisons and simulations in number tables. Shown by a group.
- COVID-19 Map: Automatically synchronizes worldwide data from WHO, CDC, NHC, etc.
- Prevention of COVID-19: Provides guideline documents, videos, animation clips from WHO, Ministry of Health, Vietnam and other medical institutions.
- Medical Facility GPS: Enables users to search nearby hospitals, pharmacies and certified COVID-19 testing laboratories.

COVID Certificate App

COVID Certificate Swiss is the official app for storing and presenting COVID certificates. It has been developed by the Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunications (FOITT) on behalf of the Federal Office of Public Health.

In Switzerland, people who have been vaccinated, or who have tested negative or have been cured of COVID, can apply for a COVID certificate.

COVID certificates are issued in hard copy or electronic format which act as proof of:
1. Vaccination against COVID-19
2. Recovering from Sars-CoV-2 Infection
3. A Negative Result After the Sars-CoV-2 Test Analysis

How does the app work
When the app is first launched after installation on a mobile device, a brief introduction provides information on how to use it and how to scan a hard-copy COVID certificate.

In the app, the required COVID certificate can be selected, and can be submitted if desired. The app shows from when and for how long the COVID certificate is valid. All the data contained in the QR code of the certificate can also be displayed.

It is possible to store multiple COVID certificates in the app, e.g. for family members, or for multiple COVID test certificates.

Use of the COVID Certificate App is voluntary and free of charge.

Check a COVID Certificate Yourself
You can use the app to check your saved COVID certificate yourself. This verification process checks the electronic signature of the certificate and compares the validity period of the certificate with the current date. These are the same checks used for verification of certificates in the COVID Certificate Check app.

Data security is top priority
COVID certificate data is stored only on the mobile device. The COVID certificates are protected by a digital seal (signature) and thus are forgery-proof.

COVID certificates are generated by FOITT but not stored in the central system. Hence it is not possible to get the copy of the issued certificate.

Use of the App is limited to Switzerland and is subject to Swiss law.


The NHS COVID-19 App is the official contact tracing app for England and Wales and one of the fastest ways to know if you are at risk from COVID-19. Use the separate NHS app for your vaccination status (England only), visit

COVID-19 is not over, so it's important to remember what steps you can take to keep yourself and others safe. Everyone needs to keep working with caution and be alert.

Download the app to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The more of us that use it, the better we can control coronavirus.

The app uses proven privacy software developed by Apple and Google, which is designed so that no one knows who you are or where you are. You can delete your data or app at any time.

Features of the NHS COVID-19 App:

Alerts: Find out when you're near other app users who have since tested positive for coronavirus or if you've been to a place where you may have been exposed to the virus.

Check-in: Use a simple QR code scanner to check-in at places like bars and restaurants.

Latest Information: Gives you information on the level of coronavirus risk in your postcode district.

Symptoms: Check if you have symptoms of coronavirus and see if you need to order a test.

Testing: Get a test kit and enter your result if you test positive.

Available in English, Welsh, Arabic (Modern Standard), Bengali, Chinese (Simplified), Gujarati, Polish, Punjabi (Gurmukhi script), Romanian, Somali, Turkish and Urdu.

The app can be used across the UK borders in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey and Gibraltar, tracing all relevant contact tracing app users (even if they are using different official apps), if Alert them if they have been exposed to the coronavirus.

The app has been created in collaboration with some of the most innovative organizations in the world. We have worked with medical experts, privacy groups, at-risk communities and we have shared knowledge with teams working on similar apps in multiple countries.

Protect your loved ones. Please download the app and keep it updated.

The app is UKCA marked as a Class I medical device in the United Kingdom and developed in compliance with the Medical Devices Regulations 2002 (SI 2002 No. 618, as amended).

COVID-19 Akhbari Yadi 

Date : 10-04-2021 : Download
Date : 09-04-2021 : Download
Date : 08-04-2021 : Download
Date : 07-04-2021 : Download
Date : 06-04-2021 : Download
Date : 05-04-2021 : Download
Date : 04-04-2021 : Download
Date : 03-04-2021 : Download
Date : 02-04-2021 : Download
Date : 01-04-2021 : Download
Date : 31-03-2021 : Download
Date : 30-03-2021 : Download
Date : 29-03-2021 : Download
Date : 28-03-2021 : Download
Date : 26-03-2021 : Download
Date : 25-03-2021 : Download

Note: Avoid rumors circulating about Corona.
 Follow the instructions given by the Government and the system