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STEPapp, Gamified Learning APP

Wednesday 14 October 2020

STEPapp, Gamified Learning APP

STEPapp: Gamified Learning – App Review The STEP (Student Talent Enhancement Program) is the brainchild of more than 5 years of hard work by countless experts in the field – including scientists and mathematicians. The app has been created with school curriculums in mind and works to make quality education available to all. Using fun and engaging animation, the app hopes to create a unique experience for its users, rooted in entertainment and learning.Using the app comes with many benefits. The experience of each user is personalized and adapted to their requirements. It does not follow the tenet of “one size fits all” and allows its users to work at their own pace.A detailed progress report of each user is recorded and shared in due course with their parents and teachers. This app can be used as a teaching aid for educators as it helps them keep track of the progress of each child individually.The STEP Scholarship Exam is an exciting learning experience for users as they have the opportunity to win a scholarship to secure their futures. With a scholarship pool of 50 crores, each user has the opportunity to try their hand at winning the scholarship. Winners will also receive mentorships from experts in the fields of math and science.

In today's age of digitalisation, there are a plethora of apps that aim to make learning easier and more interesting for children. STEPapp, the latest offering from Mumbai-based Eduisfun Technologies which makes use of gaming as a medium to teach concepts, is no different, except that its mission is to create a bank of knowledge for meritorious children for the country; it is affordable, mobile data-efficient (as it works on the most basic of smartphones with minimal data requirement) and even offers attractive scholarships to students! STEPapp was recently launched by Amitabh Bachchan at a glittering event held in Mumbai. We spoke to Praveen Tyagi, Founder and
CEO, Eduisfun Technologies, to understand how their app is going to 'revolutionise K-12 education the country' as they claim. Excerpts from a conversation: What was the idea behind developing the STEPapp? We wanted to create a level-playing field for students irrespective of their income, status or economic status by leveraging gamified learning, story-telling, scholarships and benefits for all stakeholders such as parents, teachers and education policymakers. And that's exactly what we did. STEPapp comes from the IITian's PACE family, a group which has 20 years of experience in creating success stories for kids, some of whom are now change-makers at leading companies across the world. It is this experience which makes STEPapp confident about the learning methodology it is introducing to revolutionise K-12 education in India. What do you think is lacking in the Indian education system and how can your app help? I think that innovation and creativity are lacking in the education system. We have to embrace the fact that the future of K-12 education lies in its 'gamification' - making it more interesting and informative. Our app has been field-tested in both tribal schools and the posh bastions of privileged educational institutions; and in both places, we have received rave reviews thus proving that our content that has been developed by 400-plus IITians and professors is our key to success.

STEPapp which is a gamified learning app, has seen a huge surge in numbers as more than 3 lakh users have downloaded the app from March 15th. In last four months, the app has a total of 2 million downloads on Play Store and App Store.

STEPapp is a gamified learning solution for students to gain conceptual clarity in math and science through its gamified format making it fun and enjoyable. It offers many features including a simplified testing methodology, measurable learning outcomes, self-paced learning along with content created by more than 400 IITians and doctors. STEPapp has been implemented in 242 Schools, with 35,167 registered students in 21 states including Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat as of August STEPapp does not test children based on true or false answers, but based on their speed and accuracy as they are important for children for competitive exams.



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