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School Leaving Certificate (LC) / Shala Choodya Babat nu Pramanpatra Aapva Babat Suchnao

Saturday 1 May 2021
School Leaving Certificate (LC) Rules

School Leaving Certificate (LC) "શાળા છોડયાનું પ્રમાણપત્ર" Primary & Madhyamik Shalao ma Aapta Pahela Dhyanma Rakhvani Babato ni Suchanao Ange Guideline. School Leaving Certificate (LC) Rules School General Register (GR) ma Entry Nodh Shu Karvi ?, LC Lakhta Pahela Kai Babato Dhyan ma Rakhvi?, LC English ma Ke Gujarati ma Lakhvu?. Aa Tamam Babato Ange Gujarat Primary Education Department or Prathmik Shixan Niyamk Shree Dwra Paripatra Karva ma Aavel che. Te Dhyan ma Levo.

Shala Chhodya na Pramanpatra, Leaving Certificate (LC) ma Balak ne Aapva ma Aavel Aadhar DISE I.D. no Ullekh Karva Babat DPEO PanchMahal no Paripatra

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How To Write Application For School Leaving Certificate and College Leaving Certificate Self Application

The School Leaving Certificate (LC) issued by the primary as well as the secondary school is considered as a lifelong useful document for the students. It is used in all tasks, big and small, in life. Therefore, it is very important that all the notes to be written in it are written correctly and without any hesitation, so the instructions for writing it are given by the education department. It should

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