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Dangerous earbuds: Using wireless earbuds is dangerous for health

Monday 27 September 2021
Dangerous earbuds: Using wireless earbuds is dangerous for health
Use the speaker to watch video or listen to audio without compromising on health

The trend of Bluetooth headphones is constantly on the rise. There are many types of Airpods, earbuds and wireless neckbands available in the market. Non-Bluetooth headphones are handy and wireless, making life easier, but the frequency (RF) radiation emitted from them also harms health. Excessive use of Bluetooth earbuds may increase the risk of brain cancer, according to research.

Why the fear of frequent or prolonged use of wireless IBD?

Bluetooth actually connects to a phone or other device using frequency (RF) radiation. Because of this, there are no cables or wires in Bluetooth headphones. Being wireless makes it easy to talk or listen to a song from the tiny earbuds while walking, exercising, or doing other things.

The electromagnetic frequency emanating from the earbuds causes many types of injuries to our body. Prior to the research, 247 scientists from about 42 countries had applied to the United Nations and therefore the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the health effects of electromagnetic fields emitted from wireless devices. Was.

According to scientists, the radiation emitted from small headphones can damage brain tissue. Long-term use can also lead to brain cancer. Tiny earbuds are inserted inside the ear. Because of this, the radiation emitted from Bluetooth is often dangerous for both the ear and the brain.

The dangers of small bluetooth headphones

1. Neurological diseases: According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, direct exposure to non-ionizing radiation can damage brain tissue leading to neurological diseases.

2. Brain cancer: The radiation emitted from earbuds damages the brain tissue, and if there is already a tumor in the brain, then the radiation works to lengthen it, 3. Which also increases the risk of serious diseases like cancer.

Which can tear the eardrum.

4. Deafness or Deafness: Hearing a song at a high volume for a long time causes problems like hearing loss. The hearing capacity of our ears is only 90 decibels, which gradually decreases to 40-50 decibels. Which leads to complaints of deafness. Sometimes the sound of the horn is not even heard and we get into an accident.

5. Risk of infection: There is a risk of infection in the ear due to the use of other headphones. Always use headphones if you want to avoid infection. If you want to use other headphones, clean them thoroughly first.

6. Tinnitus: This is often a condition during which the patient constantly hears a kind of sound inside the ear. Listening to a song in a loud voice on the earphone increases its apprehension. According to doctors, by noting a song in a loud voice, the ears make a sound like 'Chan Chan', which causes problems like dizziness.

7. Headache: The radiation emitted from wireless earbuds has a bad effect on the brain. Problems like headache or insomnia often occur.