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If you have an account in the post office, then do this work, you will get free profit of 2 lakhs

Saturday 18 September 2021
If you have an account in the post office, then do this work, you will get free profit of 2 lakhs

If you open a post office (Jan Dhan account) then you will get a profit of Rs 2 lakh. how to study

Open an account at the post office today
Good news for postal account holders
If you have a postal account, you will get a profit of Rs 2 lakh

Under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, accounts of the poor of the country are opened with zero balance in banks, post offices and national banks. Many tools are provided to the customers in the account opened by Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY). Today we will tell you what are the amazing features of this account and how to open this account. This benefit is not only for those who have an Aadhaar linked account.

Documents required to open Jan Dhan account

Aadhar Card or Passport or Driving License or PAN Card, Water Card, NREGA Business Card, Aadhar letter issued by the authority showing name, address and number, letter issued by the Press Officer with photo attested by the Press Officer for opening the account.

Open the new account you want

If you want to open a new Jan Dhan account, you can easily do so by visiting your nearest bank or post office. For this you have to fill a form. Whose Name, Telephone Number, Bank Branch Name, Applicant Address, Office Holder, Occupation/Employment and Annual Income and Number of Dependents, SSA Code or Ward Number, City Code or City Code etc.

Create old account like this

If you have an old bank account, it is easy to convert it to Jan Dhan account. For this you have to apply for Rupee card by visiting the bank branch and after filling the form your account will be transferred to Jan Dhan Yojana.

Benefits of this account

Material overdraft after 6 months
Accident insurance up to Rs 2 lakh
Life covers up to Rs.
Interest is earned on investment.
The free website is also provided with an account.
Rupee Debit Card is issued to the account holder Jan Dhan, where he can withdraw money from the account or make purchases
Easy to buy insurance, retirement products with Jan Dhan account
If there is a Jan Dhan account, then the accounts of retired people like PM Kisan and Shramyogi Maandhan will be opened.
Money transfer houses are available across the country
Money goes to the account in the interest of government scheme