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Khata Book Apk For Your Udhar Baki Khata, Credit Ledger Account History Saver

Friday 29 October 2021
Khata Book APK for Your Udhar Bahi Khata, Credit Ledger Account History Saver. Khata Book is an app in which you can save the details of your account and easily manage it. This app is very useful for those who are businessmen or small shopkeepers.

Khata Book (Ledger Account Book) - Replace your traditional ledger account with a new digital ledger cash book. It is 100% free, safe and secure for all types of businesses to maintain their customers' accounts. This is a telly for mobile. Shop owners can use the app to record credit (JAMA) and debit (Udhar) transactions for their trusted customers.

Digital Account of Digital India.

Accountbook, the No. 1 application to convert your offline ledger book account and convert it into a digital ledger cash book with many great features.

How to use account book?

1️. Add customers or suppliers to manage their transactions, purchases or payments
2️. Send free payment reminder via SMS or WhatsApp
3️. Receive payment in your bank account; Customers can pay through UPI, any debit card or credit card or digital wallet like MobiKwik, PhonePe etc.

5 crore businesses use account book because -

⚈ Ease of use: With its user-centric design, the accountbook creates the best experience for its users and helps them get their money back faster than ever before. Easy to use money manager

⚈ 100% Free, Secure and Secure: Send free payment reminders and collect outstanding payments with UPI and RuPay debit cards. Reliable payment collection application for businesses, UPI

⚈ Automatic and secure online backups: Never lose your account book data with automatic backups. If you formatted this phone or accidentally deleted the application, just re-download the application and log in using your registered number. Your data will be automatically restored and installed

⚈ Manage multiple businesses in one app: Owners of multiple stores or businesses, don't worry, save all business transactions in one app and access data anytime, anywhere

⚈ Download and share PDF reports: Share and pay fast PDF reports with customers for easy calculation

⚈ Secure Ledger: Use Applock and secure your data with a 4 digit app PIN. Data lock for security

⚈ Set collection date: never miss payment with automatic reminders, set collection date and we will send free payment reminder to your customers

⚈ Send WhatsApp Payment Reminders: Send Payment Reminders to Most User Messaging Apps for Quick Payment Collection

⚈ Free SMS Updates: Keep your customers up to date on all transactions, send free updates on each transaction

⚈ Pay directly to your bank account: Send money to your suppliers and receive payments directly from your customers to your bank account

⚈ Send free payment links: Easy and secure money collection anytime, anywhere. India's favorite payment manager

⚈ Create personal account books: Use them for business or personal expenses, manage your friends and family borrowings / transactions in one place

⚈ KhataBook QR Code: Update your KYC, get your physical QR code and get 100% free payment through any UPI application. The best UPI payment application

⚈ Go Digital: Use KhataBook and help transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy

Any category store or small business can use the notebook to collect and send payment reminders:
❤️ DTH Recharge, Mobile Recharge and Electronics Repair & Accessories Shops
❤️ Grocery Store, General Store, Grocery Store, Provision Store
❤️ Bakery, breakfast centers, fruit and juice shops
❤️ Jewelery Shop, Jewelers, Gold Dealers
❤️ Medical stores, local pharmacy, clinics
❤️ Clothing, hosiery, tailor shop
❤️ Leaf shops, tea shops, cigarette shops
❤️ Having a personal credit book
❤️ Ledger ledger or credit ledger

Account book proudly made in India 3

Especially useful for shoppers and small and medium businesses selling on credit and lanes.
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