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Saturday 12 February 2022


Take one year call details in one click. How to get call history in one click: Friends in this article we will tell you that you can save your mobile phone contacts, call log, history in PDF in 1 minute on your mobile. Can create a backup file of that.

 1- Install E2PDF - Backup Restore SMS, Call, Contact, TrueCaller app from Google playstore.

 2-see above, a page like this will open in front of you.  PDF Backup is showing you.  Click on Click to continue below that.

 3- In the above photo you see many options like sms, general call log, contacts.  Click on the thing you want to backup.  If you click on sms then all 1 sms of your 1 year will be backed up.  Similarly, you can easily make 1 year backup of your call log and contacts.  Now I will show you how to backup.  I click on sms.

 4-In the photo above, you can see the sms that have come on my phone during the last one year.  Now scroll down and go down.

 5- In the photo above, you can see that the option to Export to PDF is visible.  Write sms on it.  Now click on Export to PDF.  Sometime your back up will be complete.

 6-Now open My Files.  Then click on Internal Storage.

 7- Friends, I installed E2PDF - Backup Restore SMS, Call, Contact, TrueCaller app.  So our backup file will also be named as E2PDF.  In the photo above, you can see the file named E2PDF - Backup Restore inside Internal Storage.  Click on it


 8- In the above photo you can see that the backup of sms of last 1 year has been made as PDF file, click on it

 9- In the above photo you can see that the backup of all sms of last 1 year has been saved in my phone in PDF file.  In this way, friends, you can also save your phone contact / call people / SMS.

How to get SMS and Call Details of any mobile number online

The call details of postpaid mobile are available in its payment bill. But if you want to remove SMS and call details or call history of prepaid mobile number, then it can also be easily removed. With the trick I am telling in this post, you can easily remove the sms and call details of any company's SIM card.

check any prepaid mobile call details

If you want to find out the sms and call history of any of your friend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or son / daughter, whose phone calls, sms comes to him or when he calls to whom, for how long Talks to him.. You can easily find out all these details. In this post I am just telling how to remove vodafone call details. You can also remove the call details of other SIM cards with this method.

Let us now learn how to get phone call details?

How to get SMS and Call Details of Vodafone Number Online

The method by which I am showing you the sms and call details of vodafone, you can access the call and sms records of other sim cards with the same method.

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How to get call details of Airtel

How to remove call history of any jio number in a pinch

(New Method) Get Airtel Call Details in Just 30 Seconds

STEP 01 First of all go to the official website of Vodafone (If you want to go to the official website of airtel then you can search my airtel in google. Similarly you can go to the official website of other sim card)

Note - Due to the merger of !dea with vodafone, the official website of vodafone is not opening properly. Read this post to get call details in other way - New way to retrieve call details of Vodafone 2020 We will update the post after getting the solution of the problem from vodafone. Sorry for the inconvenience

STEP 02 Now you have to create a new account on my vodafone website by clicking on register now.

STEP 03 Now a new page will open, in this you have to enter vodafone mobile number (whose you want to remove call detail). After entering the mobile number, click on the submit button below.

STEP 04 Now vodafone has sent an OTP to your mobile number, enter it and click on submit again.

STEP 05 Now a new page will open again in this you have to fill your details.

Enter your email id.

Select Security Question.

Enter the answer to the Security Question.

Enter strong password (weak password will not be valid here)

Enter the same password again as you have done above.

Enter the captcha shown above.

After entering all the details correctly, click on the button of Create my Account.

STEP 06 Now you will be redirected to the login page again, login by entering your mobile number and password.

STEP 07 After login, such a page will open.

Click on plans & usage to see sms and call details. After clicking on plans & usage a drop down menu will open in which you have to click on voice usage.

Now a page like this will open.

Now you can easily see the call history of this mobile number by clicking on sms in this way you can also easily see sms history. Its information is given.

-----question Answer-----

Question 01. Is there any charge for withdrawing call details?

Answer - No, there is no charge.

Question 02. Can we also remove the incoming call details?

Answer - Only outgoing call details can be removed?

Question 03. Can't get call details without OTP?

Answer - OTP will be required only once.

Question 04. Whose call details are coming out, is it necessary to have an Android phone?

Answer - No, it is not necessary.

Hope you have got the answer of Call Details kaise nikale question from this post. How was this post how to get SMS and call details of any prepaid mobile number. Write us your suggestions and problems in the comment box. Also don't forget to like our facebook page.