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India’s Fastest Electric Charging Station, 240 kWh EV In Kochi

Wednesday 31 August 2022
India’s Fastest Electric Charging Station, 240 kWh EV In Kochi

India’s Fastest Electric Charging Station Is Here! Kia Inaugurates A 240 kWh EV Charging Station In Kochi

In the next month, the company is hoping to have 15 electric vehicle rapid electric charging stations set up throughout India.

The India’s Fastest Electric Charging Station for electric vehicle passenger vehicles was announced at the hands of Kia India. The 240kWh DC output quick charger is installed in Kochi’s Incheon Kia. The Kochi showroom, consumers are able to make use of this charging service for a fee per charge.

The demand for electric automobiles
Demand for electric cars is growing quickly in India’s auto industry. The market for electric vehicles has been growing continuously for the past couple of years. In the CRISIL report from CRISIL after four years in 2026, the electric vehicle market will bring an annual revenue of 3 lakh crore to all partners and other stakeholders.

Based on the reports, Kia noted that the charging station would be able to meet needs of electric vehicles from other OEMs when it comes to charging. With a capacity of 150kWh, Kia constructed Gurgaon’s most efficient electric charging station for electric vehicles at the end of July. At the end of this month, Kia expects to have 15 rapid charging stations for electric vehicles throughout India.

Myung-Sik Son, Chief Sales Officer at Kia India, gave a address at the event. He said, “These are exciting times for electric vehicles. We want to not only participate in the revolution in mobility that is EVs across India but also to help make EV ownership affordable, aspirational and accessible. The Kia EV6 the best EV globally and was unveiled in India in the last quarter of this year, is the perfect model of our ethos. This is why I am pleased to announce the launch of this 240kWh DC speedy charger, India’s fastest Electric Charging Station for electric cars in Kochi.

7,000 Fastest Electric Charging Station for electric vehicles to be constructed on the highway

Ravi also said that the charging stations will be equipped with facilities to rest, food as well as other amenities. With regard to the cost of charging stations The company plans to invest 200 crore during the current fiscal year. In this year, 2,000 rapid charging points will be installed along 100 corridors by the end of March 2023, and 7000 Fastest Electric Charging Station for electric vehicles in 2024-25.

This is an important change for Kia India and Kia India as we increase our commitment to building the nation’s electric infrastructure, and helping to advance India’s mobility story. Our EV journey in India does not end there In fact, we’re currently installing electric charging station in our dealerships that sell EVs throughout the country to enhance customer service and decrease the stress that usually concerns EV customers about charging time and distance.