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Ekadashi Mahatva in Gujarati (એકાદશી મહત્વ)

Wednesday 4 August 2021
Ekadashi Mahatva in Gujarati (એકાદશી મહત્વ)

What is E Rupee?
This Digital Payment e-Rupee is the first prepaid amount voucher introduced by the Government of India, in which instant payment will be possible without any kind of time delay, it is only in the form of e-voucher, the voucher which is given to the beneficiary and Only the beneficiary can use it. Payment without any intermediary has been fixed through e-rupee.

New Delhi: Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Bhai Modi today launched the digital payment solution 'e-Rupee' through online video conference on August 2 at 4.30 pm. Highlighting the fact that e-digital payments have always been a priority and promoted by the Indian government, the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) said that in recent years, many such programs have been launched to ensure that all benefits reach the desired beneficiaries. The point of contact between the government and the beneficiary. The idea of ​​such an 'electronic voucher' for the beneficiary will take this vision of good governance to the forefront. The PMO also said in a statement that the e-rupee facility is a cashless and contactless medium for digital payments.

 The e-Rupee feature only digitally connects its users to it without any physical interface. It also states that the amount should be paid to the service provider as soon as the transaction is completed. As this e-voucher is pre-paid, it is possible to pay on time to its service provider without any intermediary interruption.

Learn what e-rupee is and how it works.
E-Rupee is a digital system in which there will be no need for any agent between the beneficiary and the user and its service provider as the voucher will be sent directly to the beneficiary's mobile on behalf of the issuing government. The details of the cashless and contactless digital payment medium, which are sent directly to the beneficiary's mobile, so that there is no need to process it in between, are provided in two ways. (1) Beneficiary is given QR code. Or (2) E-voucher details are made available directly to the beneficiary's mobile via SMS.

The feature is that this e-voucher payment does not require any application. No need for online banking or any type of ID / password. Upon completion of the transaction, an instant payment will be made to the beneficiary. There is also a time limit (validity) for this voucher, that you have to redeem this e-voucher within its time limit. It will then expire.

E-Rupee is a pre-paid voucher amount, which is not likely to be delayed for payment. Since it is in the form of a voucher, it can be given in the name of the beneficiary without any risk. No intermediaries or banks or applications are kept in between.

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e- RUPI Voucher Card, Indian Government launch digital payment e-rupee

Ekadashi Mahatva in Gujarati (એકાદશી મહત્વ)