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TAT BHARTI 2019-20 FAQ | TAT Bharti Related Question And Answers

Wednesday 20 November 2019
TAT BHARTI 2019-20 FAQ | TAT Bharti Related Question And Answers

1. Can more than one application be made by the candidate?

Ans. No, only one application can be made at any time, but if the candidate is qualified, the work is secondary / Government. Intensive / Grant-in-Secondary / Grant-in-Aid Apply for an Education Assistant in the Secondary Division.

2. Can I get selection in GEN category if applied in Ews category? Are the benefits of ews wise or go away? How can GEN benefit if there is an OBC?

Ans. In view of any reservation category, the first available vacancies will be merit of the General Category, taking into consideration the available positions of the General, in which all reserved category candidates are included on the basis of merit on maturity (if the age limit is applicable).

3. When to do the document verification?

Ans. Candidates who are included in Provisional Merit List - 1 will be informed about it. Subsequently, such candidates will have to make document verification at the time of Rachwell.

4. Will the verification of application made in more than one department be varied?

Ans. Yes, the authentication of the AVG done in more than one section has to be varied.

5. Qualification of Pewter is compulsory for both Government and Grant-in-aid departments? What kind of certificate should I submit?

Ans. Yes, computer qualification is mandatory. Candidates who have passed the standard - 10 / standard - 1/2 nominee / A as a computer subject at the public level - do not need a separate certificate. Otherwise, the Resolution Certificate of the General Administration Department is available on the Lives website.

6. Which document to attach by printing the application online?

Ans. The list of documents to be submitted at the time of document validation with the online Ag print is included in the Instructions on the HOME PAGE of the website, which must be done only after inclusion in the Provision Minute Lit-1 of the Mojak Document Attachment.

7. Where will the print application of the application be granted after submitting the application?

Ans. If the selection is in the provisional quality-1 prepared by RMAT 12 candidates. In case of inclusion, the candidates who wish to check the marks / certificates in the district will have to show the option in the OUTLine form which the candidates will be included in the quality list - 1. Let him know about it. like this . S. After obtaining the document verification letter online, the final verification document will be given to the candidates at this place online at the site of final online documentary verification for the period specified in the selection memorandum.

8. Will self-attested copy for document verification be made or should the gazetted officer have to be attached?

Ans. Yes, there will be self-attached copy for document verification.

9. Does a candidate working in a Government Grant-in-Aid School or G Noc have to take it? To whom would the provision of three lakh bonds be applicable if there are currently less than three years of employment? how ?

Ans. At present, the teachers who have been assigned to the secondary and higher secondary schools in the state or non-governmental aided schools have been appointed by the appointing authority. O C. If a teacher is selected in the secondary department and he is assigned to the post-secondary, then the teacher in the post-secondary department will be admitted to the mujah district / school for higher education. Payment of Currency of Total 1 JU 5 The same district will be eligible for selection, except for obtaining nanosci, the matter will come to the attention of the committee, then it will be eligible for A / District selection / school selection / appointment.

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