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GSEB SSC (STD-10) Purak Pariksha Exam Timetable 2020

Wednesday 22 July 2020
SSC Purak Pariksha Timetable 2020 | GSEB SSC (STD-10) Purak Pariksha Exam Scedule 2020. Class 10 Retest (Purak Parixa) Date. GSEB SSC Result Rechecking 2020 instructions Declared by all Students check Gujarat Board 10th Revaluation Results 2020 Application Form Process and link in This Article.

SSC Purak Pariksha Timetable 2020

GSEB SSC Retest Date 2020
Subject: Matter of sending applications for Secondary School Certificate Examination March 2020.

 Applications have to be sent only through ONLINE as per the standard 10 mark verification system.  For this the Principal or the candidate can personally go to the Board's website and apply for the verification.  Not applicable in face to face or postal application method.

 In case of any doubt about the marks obtained in one or more subjects in relation to the examination of 6 subjects taken by the Board, it should be checked.  This does not include the examination taken by the school or the correction of the name and date of birth.  Although detailed instructions on how to apply are posted on the website, the following important points are requested to be taken into consideration.

 (1) To apply, go to, click on the verification button and register.

 (2) Other details can be seen by entering the seat number of the candidate.

 (3) Tick is a mark against the subject for which marks are to be tested)

 (4) The fee for quality check is Rs.  100 / - is fixed.

 (5) Instructions regarding the application fee for online marks verification will be made available online.

 (6) Notification for quality verification applications will be given through the Board's website two days after the result is declared and ONLINE proceedings will be initiated.  Which will be reported through public media.  No application will be accepted in person or by post.  Applications cannot be made after the due date.

 (7) Details of the revised result can be viewed by logging in with the seat number on the Board's website. here: Exam Notification, Exam Date, Exam Fees, Syllabus, Online Application Process, Exam Preparation Tips, Exam Study Material (General Knowledge-GK, Current Affairs , Gujarati and English Grammar, Mathematical Reasoning so Daily visit my site is All in one Education information website, like primary Education paripatra & GR, std 1 to 8 all material, textbook, adhyayan nishpattio, Teachers Edition, Timetable, sce patrako, xamtao, pragna material all information so Daily visit This Site for More Updates