IEC campaign to create awareness among the people about the corona epidemic during the two months of next October and November


Pursuant to the above subject and reference letter, in the form of IEC campaign to create awareness among the people about the corona epidemic during the two months of next October and November 2020 in a video conference held on 01, 10.2020 under the chairmanship of the Cabinet Secretary of the Government of India.  Is. 

The following instructions have to be followed under IEC (Information Education Communication) to make government employees, teachers, students and parents aware of this. 

(1) Mask (2) Social Distancing (3) Hand hygiene The issues mentioned above are fundamental in the fight against covid-19 and need to be widely imitated and followed.  This established procedure is extremely important in preventing corona infection.  Therefore, the message should be spread in government offices, schools, colleges and universities and the employees should be encouraged to contribute to the public awareness.  For this, an action plan will have to be prepared for the months of October-2020 and November-2020. 

The following activities will have to be carried out for this. 

(1) During the Doordarshan TV broadcast from the state level under Homecoming and during the virtual class session under Gujarat Virtual School, the students will be continuously explained about wearing mask, maintaining soil distance and washing hand sanitizer.  Even in a virtual classroom conducted by teacher friends from the school level, the details of these three things will have to be explained to the students frequently and given at the beginning and end of the session. 

Children who do not have any type of device available i.e. their parents have T, V  Students who are contacted face to face by the teachers for their homework will also have to explain the above three issues regarding Kovid-12.  These students may also be given a copy of the accompanying pamphlet if required.  (2) Every educational institution should display the details of the above three issues regarding this covid-19 epidemic near the main gate of the school on the keyboard / whiteboard. E DOPEO Wester.doc wtwo.  (2) Each educational institution has its own SMC, Board of Trustees, Era, Tem, {1, c.  With the help of etc., it should be ensured that all the guardians should be guided about the awareness for precaution under KIV-12 in Vipani. 

The guidelines for this as well as the action plan will be as follows.  Before starting any online class at school level with Microsoft Tips, teachers need to communicate with students for 3.5 minutes in terms of social distance, use of masks and risk aversion through hygiene. This way all students connected to smartphones and internet can be reached.  Teachers launch digital IEC material on MS tearns channels created for online class, Learn at Home Literature * Details on raising awareness about the Kauri epidemic will be placed in the upcoming Learn at Home literature.  Learn at home under HomeLearning Litera

ture is distributed to all students at home by the teacher / field staff.  Provide necessary guidance for its proper utilization by the students, ફોન Phone calls to the students by the teachers, giving priority to the students without normal phone and internet.  And teacher mart phone and normal phone 1 to call all students 6 every Aquarius number of students contacted to report to the school.  • Distribution of IEC material through WhatsApp 0 Districts should ensure that IEC material provided by the state reaches all teachers and schools and reaches all students. 

Teachers send IEC content to all parents on WhatsApp number and create WhatsApp group of standard parents number to share IEC content and other information regularly, home visit by teachers;  (Teachers visit all students' homes keeping social distance. Giving priority to students without TV and mobile phones. Also, give hard copy of IEC material to students and parents. Home visit by special educator: Hem visit)  Visit all CWSN students enrolled in the school to awaken the father and provide IEC materials and support. COVID-12 related activities by students.  To organize the assignment of such work to the students. All the students completed the task assigned to them through various means.

IEC campaign to create awareness among the people about the corona epidemic during the two months of next October and November

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