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Jignesh Kaviraj, who has rocked the whole of Gujarat, lives such a luxurious life, see pics

Monday 19 October 2020

Jignesh Kaviraj, who has rocked the whole of Gujarat, lives such a luxurious life, see pics

Today we will tell you about an artist whose voice has made the whole of Gujarat dolly. And this person is known all over Gujarat and today by the name of Kaviraj. Today we will tell you about his life, who has achieved this success through many struggles. When it comes to who sings the best songs of Ashika, you will say that Jignesh Kaviraj, Jignesh Kaviraj's name has become very big in Gujarat today.

king of Gujarati songs

This king of Gujarati songs has become a very big man today. The big name of Gujarati song Sanjit is Jignesh Kaviraj. On most wedding occasions, it is surprising if Jignesh Kaviraj's song is not played.

Actor and singer Jignesh is very different from other singers. Kaviraj's songs have made not only Gujarat but also Habibi of Dubai, people of Africa, and Dholiyav of Australia listen to Gujarati songs, and there are many fans of him.

Jignesh Kaviraj was born on September 3, 1988 in Kheralu village of Mehsana district. If we talk about his childhood, Jignesh Kaviraj was already very fond of music. His father Hasmukhbhai Barot, his elder brother Vishalbhai Barot and his grandfather as well as uncle were also involved in music.

From an early age he used to go to bhajan programs with his father and uncle. But everyone from his house wanted Jignesh Kaviraj to focus on teaching and make his career in it but Jignesh Kaviraj was already less interested in teaching, and he had to make his career in music.

One day there was a wedding in Jignesh Kaviraj's Fariya. Just 13 year old Jignesh sees Kaviraj and Kamleshbhai gives him a song to sing.

Jignesh Kaviraj sings his favorite Maniraj Barot's song 'Lili Tuwer Sooki Tuwer' on Moka. Everyone liked this song very much. Liked.

And he told Jignesh Kaviraj to come and meet me in my studio. And then Jignesh bhai goes there. Then Kamlesh bhai told him that since Dasha is fasting, we have to record a cassette on him and also in your voice. .

The first audio cassette of his career comes out called 'Dashamanni Maher'. People like this cassette so much that Jignesh Kaviraj's cassette titled 'Dashamanni Maher' was distributed in millions. And from there his name became very popular all over Gujarat. And then he started his career from here.

Jignesh Kaviraj study

Let us say that our folk ladil Jignesh Kaviraj has studied only 8th standard. But he had a hobby of singing songs since childhood. And he proved that everything can be achieved through struggle. He had to face many difficulties in his childhood.

Jignesh Kaviraj's name became very big after the cassette called 'Dashamanni Maher'. And from there, Jignesh Kaviraj started getting small programs. In the experience of this small program, he says, my father and uncle put me on a scooter and took me to the program.

One of his memorable occasions he cites is that once there were not so many people in the program so the program ended at 12:00 pm, the place was far from his village so he got on the bus. And their village bus was not to meet except at 6:00 p.m.

So they had to spend the whole night at a bus stand. Jignesh Kaviraj's powerful song, "Haath ma hai viksi aane ankho ma pani" lasted for a long time. Were.

In other words, he is currently having a lot of fun in diaries, weddings, and social events. He has done a lot of diarrhea so far, even with his mentor Kirtidan Ghadhvi.

He has also done many songs and diaries with Kinjal Dave, Vikram Thakor, Gaman Bhai Santhal. He has also done a lot of Navratri programs with many wedding songs. Jignesh Kaviraj says that bad experiences are more important to you than success Is.

And saying this, when I go to a big show, I tell the big performers to let me sing a song, but they keep me up all night saying that I'll let them sing after a while and even after they're up all night. Sing only if there is debt.

Or saying that clean my car and I have also cleaned the cars of those people. I had to face many difficulties to sing Gita first. And then I got such a big success. Today Kaviraj's name is spread all over Gujarati. 


With a song coming to him, millions of people are eager to watch it. Jignesh Kaviraj has also sung a lot of patriotic songs. Jignesh Kaviraj is also married. Kaviraj has also acted in many films. He also has children. Currently Jignesh Kaviraj lives a very luxurious life