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Monday 19 October 2020

Shakeel Badauni is such a name that brings smiles as soon as he comes to Juban. There were many stories of poet and lyricist Shakeel Badauni, but we will give you information related to his song Chautvi Ka Chand. By the way, on the day of April 20, Shakeel Badauni had died. But their lions and songs still remain on people's tongues.

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Someone had said very well that perhaps only living people do not die because people still hum their words.

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Shakeel Badauni, who was involved in lions-shayari since childhood, was born in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh in August 1916. Although Shakeel's real name was Ghaffar Ahmed, but he was identified as Shakeel Badauni. At the age of 13, Shakeel wrote his first Ghazal.

His first Ghazal was published in the then famous newspaper 'Shane Hind'. After the first Ghazal was published in 1930, this series of Shakeel Badauni started which lasted till the last stage of age.

He got his admission in 1936 in Aligarh Muslim University. After this, he started participating in Mushayars. After completing his studies in Aligarh, Shakeel Badauni started working in a government job. But his heart was made for lions and poetry. In such a situation, where could he stay away from the then Bombay. In 1944, he reached Ab Ki Mumbai and then got a chance to work with composer Naushad Saheb.

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Evergreen Shakeel

People still listen to the evergreen songs of Shakeel Badauni. 'Nanha Munna Rahi Hoon Desh Ka Sipahi Hoon' and 'Chaudhvi Ka Chand Ho Ya Aftab Ho' are the songs that people still hum. In fact, Shakeel believed that there is a lot of difference between his life and his poetry. However, Shakeel has been awarded the Filmfare Award three times for his songs.

Be it moon or aftab

Chaudhvi Ka Chand was the first song from the film to be recorded. Shakeel Badauni, Gurudutt and lyricist Ravi Shankar Sharma were present in the studio. This was the time when the duo of Gurudutt and Burman Da broke up and the 'paper flower' flopped. In such a situation, Gurudutt and Shakeel Badauni were sitting in the studio quite restless.

Meanwhile, Shakeel, breaking his restlessness, asks Ravi Shankar that everything will be alright? So the answer is, don't worry, just be patient and everything will be fine.

The film releases and proves to be a hit. Ravi Shankar gets the award for Best Music Composer and Shakeel Badauni is awarded the Filmfare Award. This was the first success of lyricist Shakeel's life. As if his series started from here, he did not stop.

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Lyricist Shakeel received the Filmfare for the songs of 'Chaudhvi Ka Chand Ho' in 1961, 'Gharana' in 1962 and 'Twenty Sal Baad' in 1963.

Shakeel has become immortal in the history of peace

While studying in Aligarh Muslim University, Shakeel Badayuni started taking part in Mushayars and what he said very well, he was highly praised by famous poets. At that time the poets of Shakeel Badauni were described by Firaq Gorakhpuri as a great capital. While Jigar Muradabadi had said that if Shakeel continued to make such a stop, he would become immortal in the future of history and something similar happened. On 20 April 1970, Shakeel Badauni breathed his last and became immortalized in the world of lions and poetry