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NAS Selected School List 2021 | Gujarat NAS Exam School List For Class 5, 8 and 10

Thursday 28 October 2021

NAS Selected School List 2021 | Gujarat NAS Exam School List For Class 5, 8 and 10

Download Stay Free - Stay Focused & Screen Time Tracker

Stay Free - Screen Time Tracker & Limit App Usage is a self-control, productive and addictive phone control app that lets you show how much time you spend on your smartphone and focus on limiting app usage help you focus. You can set usage limits for your apps and get alerts if you exceed that usage limit. You can also view your usage details and statistics in your usage history.l


What makes Stayfree special?

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✔ High rated screen time with self-control app
✔ Fast and easy-to-use interface
✔ Highly accurate usage statistics
✔ Quick Customer Support
✔ Battery friendly
✔ Completely without ads!

Stayfree - App Time Tracking & Usage Application helps you:
Overcoming phone addiction
stay focused
reduce screen time
reduce distraction
increase productivity
remove bags often
Extend your digital life
spend quality time with family or yourself
Reduce time spent with digital detox

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✔ Highly

Features of: App:

App Usage History: View charts and statistics of your usage history.
Overuse Reminder: To notify you if you spend too much time on the app and start detoxifying the body.
Block Mode: Temporarily block any excessive usage of the app.
Focus Mode: Schedule distracting apps to focus
Sleep Mode: Set Your Bedtime to Disable Apps
★ Stop apps: Stop disruptive apps to stop using them all day
Export Mode: Export your usage history to a CSV or Microsoft Excel file.
Promotional Quotes: Show motivational quotes that promote production and minimal use of your phone.
Customize Interface: There are 5 themes - Customize the app as you wish!
Lock Mode: Password is required to change settings.
Widgets: Show most used and complete applications in beautiful widgets.
★ Pie Chart Graph: View daily and monthly application percentage usage.

This application uses discovery activities

Android Accessibility Services is used to find out which website you are on and, again, block the websites you have requested to block. All information is stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Sensor Tower uses the appropriate permissions with the consent of the end user.


We will be very glad if you can give it 5 stars here on Google Play. Rating is very important to us in building trust with our users. If you have suggestions or would like to see some improvements, feel free to get in touch!


We love hearing from our users and getting their feedback! If you experience any issues with the app or have suggestions on what we can do to improve it, please email us at:

NAS Selected School List 2021 | Gujarat NAS Exam School List For Class 5, 8 and 10