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Friday 18 February 2022
Rush Gold: Buy, Sell, Pay Gold App

Gold bullion is a great way to protect your savings from inflation or currency depreciation, and Rush Gold gives you secure and instant digital access to gold:
Registration is free, fast and easy. And with no minimum transaction amount, you will be able to buy and sell gold bullion (physical gold) at any time. You can also pay with your gold at the tap of a button, 24/7, using your phone's mobile wallet or by sending it to someone else as a payment or gift in Australia and many other countries. . Learn more on

Download app for free and get started in minutes!

When you buy gold through Rush, you get direct title to high-quality LBMA gold bullion, locked in a high-security vault in Australia, and insured by Lloyds of London. You get the security of Gold Bullion with the convenience of Payment App.

You can check gold prices in multiple currencies, buy to invest or save, sell anytime, transfer it to someone else as a gift or payment, or directly whenever needed. You can spend through the app.

Why invest in gold: In times of market crises, when interest rates are low or currencies are falling, gold has proven to be a great way to diversify your assets and help protect your wealth. Another advantage of gold is its liquidity, so you can buy it to protect or sell it when you need it.

Your gold is safe with Rush: buying real gold (bullion) has never been easier or safer: you own your gold holdings and it is safely stored in a high-security Australian vault, owned by Lloyd's of London Insured by the Bureau and audited by the Bureau. Veritas, so you can sleep without worry!

Why Rush: Gold is yours to use as you wish, we make transactions easy, fast and cheap. Our award winning app allows you to buy and sell gold, or even send it to someone else as a payment or gift, with instant global settlement. Set up price alerts and monitor the value of your investments; Investing in gold safely has never been easier. Rush Gold is already available in 13 countries and is continuously expanding.
See our website for a complete list.

Gold is the perfect currency and Rush makes it easy to buy:
-Gold prices are not as susceptible to volatility as crypto-markets and you don't need to remember complicated wallet IDs or understand what a blockchain is to buy gold with Rush.
Pay for things in real time using your Rush MasterCard with Apple Pay (Australia only) and send it to 13 countries instantly.

Buy gold now with Rush!

Rush has recently been awarded:
Winner: Digital Disruption of the Year 2021 - Finder Innovation Awards
Finalist: Best Alternative Investment Platform 2021 - Fintech Awards
Finalist: Best Fintech and Non-Bank Collaboration 2021 - Fintech Awards
Winner: Most Innovative Person 2020 - Finder Innovation Awards
Winner: Best Investment Innovation 2020 - Finder Innovation Awards
Finalist: Entrepreneur/Founder 2020 - Women Leading Tech Awards
Winner: Femtech Leader of the Year 2019 - Fintech Business Awards
Also featured in: WSJ, Business Insider, SBS, Finextra, The Indian Sun, Mining News, AFR, The Australian Business Executive, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian and Chief Executive Story.

For app support, please contact our friendly team at:
Rush App is developed by Rush Gold Global.
Rush is issued by Mastercard EML Payment Solutions Ltd ABN 30 131 436 532 AFSL 404131 in accordance with license from Mastercard Asia/Pacific Pte. Limited T&C apply.

Rush Gold: Buy, Sell, Pay Gold App