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[2022] How to Link Voter ID with Aadhaar

Sunday 11 September 2022
[2022] How to Link Voter ID with Aadhaar

The Election Commission is running a special campaign to Link Voter ID with Aadhaar. The commission claims that this will avoid duplication in electoral rolls and will also help in preventing rigging in elections.

Link Voter ID with Aadhaar
[2022] Link Voter ID with Aadhaar

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The central government had brought a bill to amend the election law. This bill has been passed by the Parliament and has now become a law. After this, the way to link Voter ID and Aadhar card has been cleared. However, this linking process is completely voluntary. Voters will not be forced to link.

How To Link Election Card To Aadhar
Link Voter ID to Aadhar Card from here at home The campaign has been started to bring transparency, the main motive behind starting this campaign on behalf of the Election Commission is to avoid rigging of voter ID card, it has been made mandatory to link voter ID with Aadhaar card, now voter ID with Aadhaar card Most of the people live in rural areas, they want to know how to link Voter ID with Aadhar card, here we are telling you the complete process to link Voter ID with Aadhaar card sitting at home by following this process. You can link Voter ID with Aadhaar card sitting at home The direct link to link Voter ID with Aadhaar card is given below.

Voter ID ko Aadhar Card se Link Kaise Kare
To link Voter ID with Aadhar card, a bill has been brought by the Central Government to amend the Election Act, this bill has been passed in Parliament and now it has become a law, after which the way to link Voter ID and Aadhar card is cleared. Now Voter ID can be linked with Aadhar card, says Election Commission .That after linking the Aadhar card with the voter ID, fake voting can be avoided, apart from this, only one voter ID can be made, those who make more than one voter ID will also be clamped down on the voters in the Election Commission to prevent fake voting The process of linking the ID to the Aadhar card has been started, the government has started a big campaign across the country, which is going on now, in which a person can link his voter ID with the Aadhar card, after that a person can only have one voter. Many times a person used to use Voter ID in more than one place in a fraudulent way, which will be stopped now.

How To Link Election Card – Aadhar
Step for Link Voter ID-Aadhaar with NVSP Portal
>> To link Aadhaar and Voter ID card, one has to first register on NVSP (National Voter’s Service Portal) –
>> Now click on Electoral Roll on the home page of the portal.
>> Then enter your Voter ID details.
>> Now click on Feed Aadhaar No on the right side and enter the details of Aadhar card and EPIC number.
>> After this OTP will come on your registered mobile or email.
>> As soon as you enter it, a notification will appear on the screen on the linking of Aadhar and Voter ID.V

Link Voter ID-Aadhaar via SMS
You will have to send an SMS to 166 or 51969 requesting for Voter ID-Aadhaar link. There will be a special format of SMS which will have to be sent in the form of Voter ID number Aadhaar_number.

Link to Call Voter ID-Aadhaar
You can also link Voter ID and Aadhaar by calling the call center number. Both can be linked by calling on the number 1950 and giving information about your voter ID and Aadhar card.

How to Install Voter Helpline App?
  • First of all you have to go to Google Play Store.
  • After this you have to search Voter Helpline App on Google Play Store.
  • Now you will see the Voter Helpline App application here.
  • Which you install Voter Helpline App.
  • After successfully installing the app application, open it.

Aadhar Card ko Voter Card Link Kare Voter Helpline App Se
  1. First of all, you have to open the Voter Helpline app.
  2. Here you have to select your language.
  3. After that you have to click on the Get Started button. ,
  4. Now you will see the option of Voter Aadhar Card link here, click on it.
  5. Now you have to click on the option of Electoral Authentication Form (Form 6B).
  6. Here you have to verify with OTP.
  7. In this way your Electoral Authentication Form (Form 6B) has to be completed.
  8. After the complete verification, you will be asked for Voter ID number, it is entered.
  9. After this you have to click on the Fetch details and now Form No. 6B will open in front of you.
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  11. If you want to link your Aadhaar card with your election card, you can do it yourself at home, you don’t need anyone’s help, with the help of your epic number and with the help of Aadhaar card number. You can link it at home by yourself, you just need a mobile number, after logging in through the OTP that comes with the mobile number, you can link Aadhaar card and election card with very simple and minimal effort. You can link election card with Aadhaar card by yourself without taking help from anyone, then we put such useful information and various useful information of election card

How to fill Form 6B and complete Aadhaar link?

  • As soon as Form 6B opens in front of you, check it carefully.
  • Here you have to fill your Aadhaar details.
  • After that you have to get your mobile here . Other details including number and email id have to be filled.
  • After filling the information, you have to click on the Done button.
  • Then you have to check your information once and then click on the Confirm button.
  • After this your request will be recorded and you will be shown the reference number.
  • Now note down this reference number, this reference number will be useful in future.
  • You can check Voter Card Aadhar Link Status with the help of this reference number

Important Link
✓ Download Voter Helpline App: Click Here
✓ Check Video: Click Here


Why is it necessary to link Aadhar Card with Voter Card?
You will be required to link your voter card and Aadhar card as it has been made mandatory by the Election Commission to do so. This will cancel all the fake voter ID cards.

What will happen if you do not link your voter card with Aadhaar?
If you do not link your voter card and aadhar card together then your voter card will also be canceled and you cannot exercise your franchise.

How can I link my voter card with Aadhaar?
For this, you can link through offline mode or through online mode also. You can fill Form 6 -B for this by registering yourself on the NVSP portal. Similarly, to link in offline mode, you will have to go to your nearest electoral registration offices and fill this form.

How To link through SMS Voter ID with Aadhaar ?
First of all open SMS app on your phone. Type the message in this format – . Send an SMS to 166 or 51969 and the Aadhaar-Voter ID linking process will start.

How to do offline link Voter ID with Aadhaar ?
Contact your nearest Booth Level Officers and get the application for linking. Fill the application form and submit it to the booth level officer. The details will be verified and then the booth officer will come to your location for additional verification. Once the verification process is completed, the process of linking Aadhaar and Voter ID will begin.