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Std 3 August Month Learning Outcomes

Thursday 15 October 2020
Hello teacher friends as well as all the visitors on the blog, I am especially happy to say that the questions of our teachers have been brought to the notice of the Director.

 And out of the three questions we know about the three questions that we know about, the question of fixed salary as well as the matter of consecutive jobs as well as other special ones for our solution, we demanded pension again instead of the PF scheme which is applicable.  If this is our main issue then we have been invited by the government today. Let's see in detail.

 First of all, the Director has decided to call all the office bearers of our State Union, especially those of Secondary, Higher and Higher Secondary, for a happy ending after considering the discussion.  If this is a personal matter that will get justice quickly and all the higher salary grades will be released very quickly then let us first consider how it has been discussed.
આ પણ વાંચો
 The letter from the Director is as follows: You have also given the link to download in PDF file. By downloading this circular will be easily downloaded to your mobile.

 A special request to all those who are preparing for the competitive exam to visit this blog every day.  

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