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Parents Says : If night Lockdown in Ahmedabad, how can schools be started in the morning

Thursday 19 November 2020
Parents Says : If night Lockdown in Ahmedabad, how can schools be started in the morning? Board of Trustees support school closure announcement on 23rd November 2020

Discussion with the Chief Minister of Education during the ongoing press conference
Parents and guardians are outraged over the government's decision to start schools in Gujarat from November 23. The All-Gujarat Board of Trustees sought reversal of the decision to withdraw the school and announced the closure of the school on November 23. A curfew has been announced in Koro cases in Ahmedabad from 9 am to 6 pm. If curfew is in Ahmedabad, how will school start in the morning?

how can schools be start

Who did Donpandresin call at the current press conference?

The education minister was holding a press conference on November 23 to open a school college. Then the phone of the Minister of Education rang in the current conference. How much the owner discusses on the phone. Normally, no minister or official gets a call during a press conference of the current cabinet. It is rumored that Bhupinder Singh got a call from the Chief Minister's Office while talking to reporters. After imposing an overnight curfew in Ahmedabad, school colleges will not be able to start from November 23. The state government can change its decision in a day or so. Currently, Tantra has been committed to opening a school-college since the 23rd century.

Protector issues against government proclamation
Naresh Shah, president of All Gujarat Board of Governors, said that the government is committed to start the school from November 23. So the government has come up with some issues for the safety of students. In which a test center of Kovid 19 will have to be set up after the start of schools. General Chat Chat Lounge RTPCR report must be submitted to DEO from all teaching and non-teaching staff and other school staff. If a student falls ill with corona, the school will have to pay hospital bills for his treatment.

Give parents the choice of whether or not to send their child to school
Earlier, on the issue of starting schools, Naresh Shah, acting president of All Gujarat, had said that the government would not issue a policy or SOP for starting schools. Education experts and mentors should be brought together. The administrator will have no liability if the controller assures. In this case, the responsibility of the individual alone should not be determined. The school has written a letter to the government asking them to involve parents on the issue of starting a school. He emphasizes that children are not responsible for sending children to school. The guard will not sign any guarantee of the child. The policy that the government makes to open schools should not be imposed on parents. Whether or not parents should have the option of sending their children to school. here: Exam Notification, Exam Date, Exam Fees, Syllabus, Online Application Process, Exam Preparation Tips, Exam Study Material (General Knowledge-GK, Current Affairs , Gujarati and English Grammar, Mathematical Reasoning so Daily visit my site is All in one Education information website, like primary Education paripatra & GR, std 1 to 8 all material, textbook, adhyayan nishpattio, Teachers Edition, Timetable, sce patrako, xamtao, pragna material all information so Daily visit This Site for More Updates

Parents Says : If night Lockdown in Ahmedabad, how can schools be started in the morning