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In Gujarat St. Schools 9 and 11 will start again. Also these students can go to school here from tomorrow. 10 I std. 12. Started at School

Saturday 18 September 2021
In Gujarat St. Schools 9 and 11 will start again. Also these students can go to school here from tomorrow. 10 I std. 12. Started at School

Schools will open in Pune and Thane in Maharashtra from tomorrow in Pune and Thane in Maharashtra. Any std. Classes start from 5 to 8 pm.

According to the education minister of Punjab, the aid schools and private schools of the state will start from February 1 irrespective of the situation in the state. Pre-primary school will resume. as well as std. 12th class student will start school from 7th January

Schools will also open in Andhra Pradesh Schools will be allowed to start from 1-5. For first grade the school works all day. In addition, students will participate with the written consent of the parents. Class 6-12 and college admissions started in November 2020.

Classes in Haryana According to the order issued by the Haryana Education Department, schools will remain open from 6 to 8 pm tomorrow. 6-8 schools are to be started. The time for this will be from 10 am to 1.30 am. Students will need a bad credit certificate. This will require the written consent of the parents. Apart from this, if you want to use internet marketing then you will get this facility.

This section covers teachers, child, child rights, child gender, use and legal framework and its purposes available in India, child abuse, qualifications to identify intentions of child abuse, legal color and eye protection from Permanent Occupational Therapy Act is clear. POCO) Act-2012 and Schools Action on NENA Prevention and Response, POSCO River Indicators Act 2012 Report, School and Teacher Response, Helpful Behavior and Support for Abused Children, Other Resources, Inquiries etc.
I will be using Module-18 CSA and POSCO in my classroom including the next school.

(1) I shall inform my class as well as school children by making them aware of the POCSO-2012 Act.

(2) I shall give opportunity to children to have children by providing them clarity on their child rights.

(3) I would like to make a video recording of What is Child Service - 1098 and encourage you to use this service in times of crisis.

(4) I will explain to you the understanding of child abuse, discuss its types and use technical tools.

(5) I should tell the children about the time that this is childish and do everything possible to prevent it.

(6) Ensuring that children are protected from violent crime and providing visibility through POCSO Act-2012 and CSA prevention videos.

I will try to make this section - Pox Rule 18 - 2012 also child friendly in my class.

A lot of information has come out for our kids because of this episode-18.

So, from class 1 to 18 we all got good information to go to our biographies and school classes, through this episode I will try to bring in class at school level.

Hence the practice of Dharma in training, completed in the spirit of fun with knowledge.